Attempt to withdraw ether. This is not a valid address



I deposited more Ether than I intended, when I try to withdraw it I get the message "this is not a valid address."

I have tried two different addresses both copied pasted from my wallet and get the same message with both


hey @Jared
Just looked into it and I have the same problem. We will fix it soon.


ok - found the issue.
I guess you are using a address like: 0x77b97786B0FB73e55d9E92d4B182beFBF346F979
With capitalized and non capitalized characters. If you only use non capitalized characters it would work - but we will fix it very soon.


Is the address not case sensitive?


It hex code so it would not be case sensitive e.g. A == 10 or 1010 (assuming the right most bit is the 1). Thus technically a or A still equals 10 reguardless of case. B/b = 1011 C/c = 1100 D/d = 1100 E/e = 1110 and F/f = 1111.


Ah thanks that's good to know :smile: