Missing withdraw


I attempted to withdaw my ETH but I'm certain I did something incorrect. I had participated in the "Price of ether on 3/31".

Upon completion I had 7 ETH available to me. I clicked on "send shares". I entered my eth address and sent the 7 shares but nothing has arrived.


The account shows the amount of ether sent as blank (I'm assuming zero since that matches the transaction above). But my account does not have the missing ether here at groupgnosis either.

While this isn't a huge amount I'm just trying to figure out where my bit of ETH went. I also sent an email to support and haven't heard anything.



Ok, so to get the "ether" back you would have needed to click on "redeem winnings" then the eth would have been back in your account. What you did is send control of those shares to your eth address. That means the address you sent those shares to now controls those shares.

If thats a address, like a exchange that you do not control then those are probably lost. However, if you have control of the private key for that address you can either send them back or redeem them with that account.

So if you have control of the address you sent the shares to, go ahead and connect using the "old_dapp" and you will actually see those shares in your account.(basically you need to load geth and then connect it to gnosis)

Let me know if that makes sense or you need any more help and as always dont give anyone your private keys :wink:


Thanks @Bagdar13 - this is exactly right.

@bctmke - if you send the shares to an address created by the Ethereum wallet you can redeem them to ETH by using: http://groupgnosis.com/dapp_old/#/markets and setting the account you send the shares to as a "coinbase". We are happy to help.

If it is a address controlled by an exchange it would still be possible but you would need their cooperation.


The account is mine and I am running a geth node already. I restarted it using the requested settings. Thanks for the link / help.

I went to http://groupgnosis.com/dapp_old/#/markets and I do see the option to redeem. However when I try to redeem them I get the same pop up that i need to be running a geth node (even though gnosis already sees my coinbase/account information).

thoughts? I'll keep poking around. the dapp stuff is new to me


And one last one I hope! Took a closer look at my geth node and it didn't like the unlock. Unlocked the account and all is well. ETH is where it should be.

Thanks a ton guys. I'll be around, this is enjoyable.


Thanks @bctmke - glad that it worked ! New versions will get more convenient! But at least you can rightfully claim to be one of the first users of the first slightly more complex DAPP in the world.

Let us know if you suggestions for more markets! We want to start a few more in the next days.