Problem with transactions not generating shares


So i did some transaction this morning for "Bitnation imigrates to Ethereum" but is appears only two of five resulted in me actually getting the shares.

Look at the 5 latest transactions here:

They all where for 100 shares, but i only see 200 on my account.

Also why does it say "Winning outcome: Announcement and price up", the winning outcome cant be decided for a week, right?

EDIT: must have missed that the announcement was not today (as i though).


They made an announcement last week monday so the event was already resolved yesterday. Don't buy shares of a loosing outcome!

I need to look into it later what went wrong? I guess the money was refunded in the transactions that did not bought you shares?


Quick associated question. What happened to the "Network society" creates an etherum asset market. It seems to have closed before its due date. I notice i have a few shares listed as posessed in a closed market.



Yes, we have closed it. In principal anyone who is interested in funding this market can reopen it. Of course it will be resolved at the resolution date and you can redeem winnings if your prediction was correct.