What is the timeframe for determining "Winning Outcome"


I shorted shares for the event "What amount will Augur raise?", what is the time frame for the shares being converted to Ether? Are you waiting for better Oracle support?


I was looking for official result numbers from Augur - as soon as they are out the event will be resolved.


Finally - the result is set and winning can be redeemed.


How about the ETH exchange rate decision?

ETH dropped 10% after the deadline for decision, so the winnings are by now 10% less worth in fiat.


Have we missed a market? I think all markets that are due are currently resolved?


There was one for ETH's exchange rate on Oct 15.
Unless I misunderstood how the Dapp works, I would expect to see more ETH's in my wallet.
On the page I see there's no winning outcome, so it looks like it's still open.


Hm... The winning outcome should have been set to <2.5mBTC - so on the "my account" view you should have the option to redeem all those shares for 1ETH each.


I was looking at the "Winning outcome:" indicator waiting for resolution.